Save your time & enjoy the trip of your dream!


Hi! My name is Veronika and route planning is my hobby and area of professional interest.

For the last 2 years, I have visited 9 new countries and more than 40 cities. I plan the route in detail, however at the same time I make the route flexible.

I believe that the best travel experience can be obtained with good preparation and the ability to plan correctly the route. 


A detailed travel plan will be created taking into consideration all your preferences.

You will receive:

  • Unique route for independent travel

  • Bookings & recommendations

  • Online consultation 

Individual travel planning includes


Creating a detailed route of the trip by day, including visits to various attractions and events, taking into consideration your preferences.


Searching for the best flight for your dates.


Selecting budget or luxury accommodation based on your wishes and budget. Providing help with a hotel booking.


Collect information about transport, so that you can move independently using this guide. Planning travel routes by car and internal movements.


Sending you an informative detailed travel plan of your trip and, if necessary, schedule an online consultation. You get recommendations and a unique travel route.


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